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Driver Improvement Program

Driver Mentoring

Driver Mentor sessions are now available!

Hour long sessions with a knowledgeable instructor help you hone your street driving skills. Instructors are able to evaluate your current capabilities while providing education to help you improve.

These sessions are great for drivers who have an international license and want to be sure they are prepared for their US driving test. New drivers who need a little more guidance behind the wheel with an experienced supervisor also benefit from the extra driving time either during or after taking the required 30 hour classroom course. If you already have a US driver's license but haven't driven for a while, the mentoring drives are great to help you get back on the road with confidence.


Mentoring sessions are available upon request. We offer a variety of times for your convenience, so call 410-467-RPDS to schedule your session today!


Sessions are $75/hour for students of RPDS and $85 for non-students. We offer a 10% discount of 6 or more sessions booked at the same time.